YouTube Introduces 1080p Enhanced Option for Improved Video Quality on TV

With the addition of a higher-quality video option, YouTube TV viewers can now enjoy more immersive viewing experiences, whether they’re watching live sports or binge-watching their favorite series. A new setting dubbed 1080p Enhanced is being introduced by Google for users of Primetime Channels and YouTube TV. By increasing its bitrate, this setting makes the 1080p60 resolution better than it is already.

Google verified the change after a Reddit member made a post about it on the social media site. As per the response, our best video quality is achieved using the 1080p Enhanced preset. Reddit users who already have access to 1080p Enhanced say that Paramount and Syfy are among the channels that support the resolution, which is the same as 1080p60. This improvement comes after the launch of YouTube Premium, which improved the quality of videos for users on the original site.

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If you subscribe to YouTube TV and Primetime Channels and have a 4K-capable streaming device that has been upgraded, you should be able to access the 1080p Enhanced option by going to the video quality options. But Google has found a bug that keeps users from choosing 1080p Enhanced manually. However, the company guarantees consumers that this defect has no effect on the quality of the pictures, and they are actively trying to fix it.

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