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Woman accused of stealing swimwear from popular shop in Dubai ordered deported ATN News

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Puber pen, webdesk: A Dubai court has ordered a woman to be deported from the country with a one-month jail term for allegedly stealing swimwear from a popular store. The accused woman is 32 years old. The security guards handcuffed him and handed him over to the police.

The government lawyer in the court said while answering questions, the woman’s first goal was to enter the shop and steal. Entering the store with that intention, she seizes the opportunity and steals the swimsuit. This is why he comes to the store at night to take advantage of staff engagement. While staff were busy with other customers in the store, she used the opportunity to slip the swimsuit into her bag.

The anti-theft device in front of the door rang as he tried to leave the store after the theft. The woman quickly threw away the clothes in her bag and tried to escape. But the security guards of the shop caught him and handed him over to the police. Dubai Police’s Electronic Evidence Department scrutinizes the CCTV footage. The woman’s theft scene was caught on that camera.

After that he confessed to the police about his theft. The court sentenced him to one month in jail and banishment from the country.

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