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Will Renuka Chaudhary do it? Will it work?– News 18 TeluguATN News

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Renuka Chaudhary, who was once known as the spark in the politics of united Andhra Pradesh, could not make much of an impact on the politics of the new state after coming to Telangana. This can be attributed to the fact that the condition of the Congress party is deteriorating day by day. However, Renuka Chaudhary, who participated in the Amaravati farmers’ strike, has announced that she will come to Andhra Pradesh again and again to support them. It was in this order that the former minister criticized Kotali Nani. Reacting to this, Kotali Nani announced that he would contest from Gudivada if necessary. The mention of Renuka Chaudhary contesting in Gudivada is not taken seriously by many. But it is also being discussed that Renuka Chaudhary, who is unable to make an impact in Telangana politics, is focusing on some issues to focus on AP. Renuka Chaudhary once continued to exert influence in the politics of Khammam district. But with the decline of Congress influence, they too became silent. There are rumors that Renuka Choudhary will focus on AP politics after thinking that it will be difficult to turn the wheel again in Khammam politics.

It is also argued that if Renuka Choudhary is challenging to contest from Gudivada, then he is trying to contest from any seat in AP if given the opportunity. Will Renuka Chaudhary, who belongs to the most influential Kamma community in AP politics, join TDP in AP and contest there? Discussion is also going on.
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But there is also an argument that Telangana politician Renuka Chaudhary will face criticism if she contests in AP. Political observers are of the opinion that this will become a great weapon for opponents. Some argue that if Renuka Choudhary wants to do politics in AP, the parties giving her a chance will face difficulties due to this aspect. Renuka Choudhary is trying to shine in AP politics.. Will he try that way in future? Or will he continue in Telangana politics? It should be seen.

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