Who is Keleigh Teller? All About Miles Teller’s Wife

Keleigh Teller is who? Like us, most people who viewed the most recent installment of Top Gun are undoubtedly fans of Miles Teller. Like me, you’ve probably been pretty into him for a while, so you definitely know a lot about his personal life.

There are many things to admire about the actor, including the time he taught himself how to play the drums and the time he saved a pregnant woman from a riptide.

If you boarded the Miles train a little late, you might not have been aware that Miles is married. Let the tears start. We were aware that for us to acknowledge that Keleigh Sperry (now Keleigh Teller) was hers, their bond would need to be truly remarkable. Has it ever been epic, oh boy? Continue reading to discover Rooster’s love tale and the woman who captured his heart.

 Keleigh Teller

Who is Keleigh Teller?

Actor Keleigh has appeared in three motion pictures. In 2011 and 2021, she appeared in two music videos. I Bet You Think About Me by Miles and Taylor Swift was the first. She also starred in the short film Dance in 2017.

She has also worked as a model, and she posted a number of images from her previous assignments, including an underwear and swimwear shot, on Instagram. If you’re wondering how to pronounce her name, it’s Kelly. She has six brothers.

How did Miles and Keleigh meet?

It was during a Black Keys party that they initially got together in 2013. Teller reflected on their initial encounter and remarked, “I noticed Keleigh early that evening, and we had a conversation.” After a few more tries, I was able to get her to dance with me, even if it didn’t go well at first. We went on a date a week later.

 Keleigh Teller

How long have Kyle and Miles Teller been married?

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry tied the knot in Maui on September 1, 2019. The nuptials were intimate.

Do they have kids?

Bugsy is a French bulldog that they own. There are no children of Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry.

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What does Keleigh Sperry do?

Keleigh Sperry is a model who has attempted to pursue acting. Before meeting and being married to Miles Teller, she signed a contract with One Management to serve as their model for seven years.

Later on, she started working for Model Mayhem and LA Models. Her acting credits include roles in music videos and two short films, Dance and Bliss.

 Keleigh Teller

Some interesting facts about Keleigh Sperry:

  • She was born in California. The man behind Sperry was born and raised in Orange County, California.
  • She plays parts. Sperry has been in a few movies and TV shows, such as Dance (2017), Taylor Swift: I Bet You Think About Me (2021), and The Stand (2020).
  • She is married to Miles Teller. They got married in 2019 after being together since 2013.
  • She keeps to herself. Sperry doesn t post many personal things about her life on social media, but she shares pictures of herself and Teller together occasionally.
  • She loves dogs. His two dogs are a French bulldog named Winston and a golden retriever named Charlie.
  • She helps people in need. Sperry works with many good causes, like the American Cancer Society and the ASPCA.
  • She can play the piano well. Sperry has played the piano since she was a kid.
  • She likes Taylor Swift. Sperry has liked Swift s music since she was a teenager. She was even in the music video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor s Version), Swift s song.
  • She likes the Los Angeles Rams football team. Sperry loves football, and she and her husband often watch the Los Angeles Rams play.
  • She laughs at funny things. People love Sperry because she can make them laugh with her quick wit.

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