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When the thief was caught in the SMS, the accomplice attacked him with a blade. When the thief was caught in the SMS, the accomplice attacked him with a blade.ATN News

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Jaipur42 minutes ago

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In this regard, Salman Khan, a resident of Ridhi Siddhi Colony of Banar Road, has lodged a report at the SMS police station.

A young man who was taking medicine from Dhanvantri Outdoor was attacked with a blade by miscreants. The complaint stated that while the young man was taking medicine, a young man put his hand in his pocket and tried to take out his mobile phone and wallet. The youth caught the young man. Meanwhile, a youth standing nearby attacked the victim with a blade and escaped by taking advantage of the crowd.

According to the police, Salman said that on October 1, he had gone to take medicine at three o’clock in the afternoon. When the minor was caught trying to steal, someone stabbed him several times with a blade on his hand, neck and chest. Meanwhile, other people saved the assailant and caught him, but the other miscreant took him away. After first aid, the victim reached home and reported the incident. His father Mehboob lodged a report at the police station. Such incidents have happened in the past as well: In Sawai Mansingh Hospital, cases of snatching of mobile phones and wallets are happening day in and day out. If the record of the last 1 month is taken out, more than 100 cases have been registered in the police station so far. However, the police were not able to arrest any of the gangs.

Those who threw inflammable substance on the girls have not been identified yet.
The accused in the case of throwing inflammable material on Jaipur girls has not yet been caught by the police. Police are checking the CCTV cameras installed in the area. It may be mentioned that on Saturday, a bike-borne miscreant threw inflammable material on two girls on Vatika Road.

Several CCTV footages after the incident went viral on social media. People started sharing part of the footage in a WhatsApp group, which is being said to be fake. SI Ashutosh said that police are trying to identify the accused by interrogating people through all possible avenues.

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