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What You Need To Know About Car InsuranceATN News

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You must have legal car insurance. Find out how to get the best car insurance. including comparison sites such as Quote Radar. Where to get help? and other things to consider when buying

Why is car insurance important?

Car insurance protects your finances in case you get into an accident. Some also cover claims that come from another person who has been injured.
even if you are not driving your car The law also requires third-party insurance if you own a vehicle that can drive on the road.
You do not need to do this only if you have received a Legal Notice for Your Vehicle (SORN).

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash.

If you drive without insurance You may be fined and at least 6 points on your license. Or you might lose your driving license. Your car may be taken away from you.

What types of car insurance are there?

Car insurance is divided into 3 levels:
. Fully integrated
. Third parties, fire and theft
. Third party

It’s the maximum coverage you can get. It includes you, your car, and anyone who has an accident with you or your car.

It covers the same thing as third-person shooting and theft tactics. It also protects you as a driver and potentially pays for damages to your vehicle.
They can also pay for medical expenses. legal fees and damage caused by accidents as well

You can create cases for:

Repair after an accident accidental damage or harassment, such as someone intentionally scratching your car.

It may mean that you can legally drive someone else’s car if they allow it.
But this type of insurance usually covers only third parties. This means you won’t be covered if you harm your car while driving. Check the details of your policy carefully as they are different.

Although the most comprehensive But comprehensive insurance doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

third person

This is the smallest amount you can legally have.

It protects you from the cost of harming or destroying others or their property. But what if your car is stolen or stolen? it won’t protect you
although it covers the least But that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest.

Therefore, it may be best for people who have difficulty finding affordable comprehensive insurance.

This might happen:

You have no unclaimed bonus.

You live in a place where crime and other dangers are common.
Your car is less than £1000 and you can buy another if you get into an accident.

Third parties, fire and theft
as well as third party insurance This coverage covers damage to someone else’s vehicle. but not your own

It’s different because you have to pay for your car to be repaired or replaced if it is damaged by fire or stolen.

Again, this isn’t always cheaper than full coverage. So let’s compare prices.
What is a no-claim bonus and how does it work?

This is the discount you get from your insurance company. If you do not make a claim The discount will increase every year if you don’t make a claim.
It can also be generous with discounts, usually from 30% after one year to 65% more than after five years.

But if you get into an accident and file a claim You often lose your claim bonuses, and your premium costs will increase over the next two years.
You can forfeit your no-claim bonus if you have more than one accident in a year.
Even if you didn’t file a claim You should inform your insurance company of any accidents. that you have experienced any claim Anything you do after that may be rejected if you don’t do this.

You can pay for an add-on called “Non-Claim Discount Protection” to protect your non-claim bonus. This means that you can make a claim and it will not affect your bonus.

In most cases, you can make a claim once a year or twice every year. Three years without losing your claim bonus.

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