What happened in the double shooting that killed an IFD fireman and a 42-year-old woman, according to police

After a shooting, Indianapolis police have taken 52-year-old Jason Dante Lapsley into custody on two counts of murder. According to recently made public court documents, Lapsley was a passenger in a GMC Sierra. Claiming to his family that he thought the pickup truck was being taken, he allegedly fired the shots that killed 42-year-old Jasmine Ivy-Dede and 45-year-old Justin Boyd II.

Boyd was sadly slain just short of finishing his tenth year in the fire service. Conversely, Ivy-Dede’s LinkedIn page indicated that she had a varied professional history, including experience in public relations, law, and health care administration. She even had the distinction of being selected in 2015 for the Bose McKinney & Evans Diversity Fellowship, which allowed her to work as an intern at the esteemed legal practice.

Lapsley did not have a lawyer as of Tuesday afternoon. The prosecutor’s office for Marion County will decide on the final charges.

What police say happened


While at the scene of the accident, a guy called 911 and said he had shot someone who was trying to carjack him and his brother, according to a preliminary probable cause affidavit filed by the police. Officers searched the alleged shooting site, but they were unable to find the shooter. However, additional research showed that Lapsley, who had previously reported a stolen car for a white Kia in November, was the owner of the phone number used to make the call.

It was learned from speaking with Boyd’s family members that he had thrown a party at his house and had probably offered Lapsley and Ivy-Dede a ride home. Lapsley said that he had slept off throughout the drive and that upon awakening, he had seen two strangers in the car, neither of whom looked like his brother. Lapsley asked where his brother had disappeared to show how confused he was, but he got no answer. The woman in the car started making gun-like clicking noises, much to Lapsley’s surprise.

In the affidavit, it states that Lapsley asked his brother whereabouts again and, not getting a response, pulled the trigger.

Lapsley had no intention of capturing both people, but he later told a family member that he had succeeded in doing so, the police said.

After being taken into custody, Lapsley instantly cited his right to counsel when the police questioned him.

A well-loved member of the fire department

Boyd joined the Indianapolis Fire Department in May 2014 as an engineer. He spent most of his career working at the sixth station, which is located close to 96th Street. According to the agency, recruits frequently asked to be assigned to his station as a result of his commitment to mentoring rookie firefighters.

He has worked as a member of the fire marshal crew for the past eight years, assuring fire safety at Lucas Oil for Colts games, including Sunday’s game versus the Raiders.

Boyd’s remarkable communication abilities, charming sense of humor, and ability to encourage young men to choose careers in the fire service—especially with the IFD—were all commended by the department.

The department said that Boyd’s mentoring extended beyond his peers. He discovered a young man in need of help in 2019 as he was outside Lucas Oil. Upon seeing the boy’s situation, Boyd decided to get him a hotel room and got in touch with social services. Boyd’s efforts helped the young guy secure long-term accommodation, which allowed him to finally get back in touch with his family.

In a statement, Chief Ernest Malone said that the department is grieved and that his death has had a significant effect on them.

Justin was a well-liked employee of the department and worked as a firefighter for ten years, according to a statement from Malone. The statement also said that the family of the other victim is in their prayers and thoughts, and it offered condolences to them. His coworkers are in complete shock over Justin’s passing because they will miss him terribly.

Boyd’s legacy is left to be carried on by his wife and two children.

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