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WC Sex Ban: Sex-alcohol ban, 7 years in prison for disobedience! World Cup in Qatar under strict rules One night stand banned in qatar fifa world cup ARY Tv News

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WC Sex Ban: Sex-alcohol ban, 7 years in prison for disobedience!  World Cup in Qatar under strict rules

Qatar Football World Cup in the fence of rules

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Qatar, a conservative country in the Middle East, is playing football. Although the rules and regulations of the country are unknown to many. The rules that apply in European countries are naib naib f in Qatar. From free sex to drinking, there are rules. This year’s World Cup is also going to be ‘conservative’ for unruly football fans. But there is danger only if the rules are changed. Maybe even jail …

Doha: Cut the ticket for the match at the expense of the tank. Football fans from all over the world will flock to Qatar WC for the Football Club. A few days release from daily monotonous life. But did you know that some of the rules of Qatar can be a thorn in your side?

One night stand will not work!

One Night Stand means the joy of one night can take you to jail. According to a report published in the international media, only a husband and wife can stay together in Qatar. No fun with women, no party all night, no noise. Even if the surnames of husband and wife are different, the house will not match. Exceptions to the rules can result in up to seven years in prison.

Open romance! Absolutely not

In the Islamic country, premarital sex and same-sex sex are prohibited

Germany Fans

Qatari rules can be a thorn in the side of football World Cup joy

The So it is not possible to express love openly by embracing girlfriend. Not even a wife. These are against the culture of Qatar. World Cup organizers say their main goal is to ensure the safety of guests. So the organizers do not want anyone in their country to be in danger. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Ban poster in support of homosexuality

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Mansour al-Ansari, secretary general of the Qatar Football Association, said homosexual love, posters in support of marriage and flying flags would be banned during the tournament. There is even a ban on alcohol. As a result, fans are going to have a different experience in this year’s Football World Cup. The above points must be kept in mind if you are planning to go to Qatar and watch the World Cup.


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