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Villagers ruined your service for fraud in Siddipet districtATN News

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(K. Veeranna, News18, Medak)
There is criticism that the common people do not get justice wherever they go. They say we should employ government officials. Service managers who have to set up private service centers and act as middlemen between the government and the people and have to correct verification documents regarding name, information, address and property information are also being criticized as opening the way for fraud. A new way. Similarly in Siddipet district too, a Mee Seva manager taught a lesson to those who want to cheat innocent people. The locals disrupted your service and there was tension in the area.

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Fraud for money…
Villagers expressed outrage that your service managers, who are supposed to act as a bridge between the government and the people, are being over-intelligent to correct matters such as birth, death, property records, house papers, caste, residence and income. Owner details in certificates and land pass books. In Ittikyala village under Jagadevapur mandal of Siddipet district, villagers on Thursday filed a petition with the tehsildar alleging that a person named Istari, head of Mi Seva Kendra, was creating trouble and extorting money from farmers.

Angry villagers..
RI Nagaraju came to your service center on Friday to investigate the complaint of the locals. During the investigation, the villagers suddenly attacked your service center. Furniture in your service along with computer and xerox machine was destroyed due to false names in documents and unnecessary payment. While this is going on your service manager knocks down one of the Istari villagers and attacks the villagers. Istari’s wife was beaten up by the service manager who tried to beat up the locals in front of the Tehsildar officials.

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Destroy your service center..
An atmosphere of tension arose as the villagers raised an uproar, criticizing the irregularity of your service. On getting the information, SI Krishnamurthy reached the spot and conducted an investigation. Keeping in view the tense situation, police made arrangements. Later, Gajwel Rural CI Rajashekhar Reddy reached the village and learned the full details. The injured were admitted to the hospital. According to the complaint of the victims, SI Krishnamurthy said that they are investigating the case. Police presence has been arranged at your service centre.

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