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Ukraine war news today: Russia upholds today’s referendum on secession from KyivATN News

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Full Speech: Zelensky tells UN Ukraine ready for ‘True peace, honesty and justice’

Four Russian-backed territories in Ukraine which accounts for about 15 percent of the besieged country. A referendum will begin today on secession from Kiev. amid condemnation from western countries

The referendum, condemned as a “hoax” led by Moscow by world leaders at the UN General Assembly this week. It will start from today until Tuesday. It is expected that the Kremlin will announce the annexation of territories into the Russian Federation.

Analysts fear Russia will use this to justify escalating military attacks on Ukraine.

a day after Vladimir Putin announces mobilization of some troops in Russia’s reserve forces. About 10,000 volunteers were reported to have been drafted into the military without waiting for habeas corpus. Russian officials said

But there were also reports of attempts to escape from being summoned. The price of a one-way flight from Moscow to the nearest foreign country soared above $5,000 (£4,440), with most of the plane tickets sold out.

and late Thursday night Russian Foreign Minister Has Walked Out of the UN Security Council After accusing Ukraine of Russophobia and new Nazism


18 Russian soldiers killed, mortars and tanks destroyed – Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian troops kill 18 Russian soldiers, officials from the country’s Southern Operations Command. Indicated in the last war update

At least 18 Russian soldiers were killed and three Msta-S and Msta-B mortars, two tanks and two armored vehicles were destroyed on Thursday. The military said the report Independent Kyiv


Russian mobilization shows that the stationed army is collapsing – Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky said Vladimir Putin’s decision to declare a partial mobilization in Moscow was a “Frankly admitting” to the failure of the Russian army in war with Ukraine

“Russia’s decision to mobilize is acknowledgment that their regular army which has been preparing for decades to take over foreign countries Unyielding and breaking down,” he said in his nightly speech on Thursday.

The war has wiped out every Russian home. he added

“And now, due to the mobilization The Russian-Ukrainian war for most Russian citizens is therefore not something that is done on TV or on the Internet. It is something that enters every Russian house,” Zelensky said.


The British returned home to their families after ‘A traumatic experience’

In case you missed it: Britons released by Russian-backed Russian forces in Ukraine thanked supporters as they flew back to England. All five have returned home:


Farewell to the Russian reserve and family in tears

families Tears bid farewell to a man leaving a military mobilization center in Russia Video footage from the eastern Siberian city of Neryungri. revealing a man emerging from the stadium before getting on the bus They hugged family members waiting outside. many people cry and some covered their mouths with their hands in sorrow.

A man holds a child by the window of a bus for one last look. In Moscow, women hug, cry and mark a cross with men at another rally point.

Dmitry, 25, who gave only his real name, received a hug from his father, who told him, “Be careful” when they parted ways, Dmitry told Russian media company Ostozhno Novosti that he didn’t think he would be summoned and sent off so quickly. Especially since he was still a student. “No one told me anything in the morning. They gave me a draft saying they should be here at 3pm. We waited 1.5 hours, and then the recruits said we were leaving,” he said. “I was like, ‘Oh, great!’ And started calling my parents, my brothers, all my friends to tell them they took me.”


How did the Western Allies help the British release?

Months of secret international negotiations are behind the release of captured British and Ukrainian fighters.

There are also over 200 fighters from the Azov Battalion.

In return, Moscow received 55 prisoners, including Vladimir Putin’s friend Viktor Medvedchuk, writing Kim Sengupta:


Why did Moscow call a referendum?

The four occupied regions in Ukraine are set to begin voting in Friday’s Kremlin referendum on whether to be part of Russia. Here’s why:


Tailbacks at border crossings amid ‘panic’ for tickets

A long back was formed at the border crossing from Russia to Georgia. Because the Russian man is still trying to flee the country.

According to a Russian news website, “Where are you fleeing from Russia now?”

A Russian man, who named himself only Vasily, traveled to Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and teenage daughter. and six suitcases

“Mobilization is inevitable due to the shortage of human resources. I’m not worried because I’m 59 and my son lives abroad,” he said.

A truck driver crossed the Russian-Kazakh border on Thursday. said he saw unusually heavy traffic from the Russian side.

Travel industry sources say there is despair as people try to get plane tickets out of Russia.

“This is a panic demand from those who fear they will not be able to leave the country later. People are buying tickets regardless of where they fly,” the source said.


Exaggerated immigration reports Russia confirmed

Russia says many reports of immigration out of the country are exaggerated.

Dmitri Peskov, President Putin’s press secretary, said: “Information about advertising at airports and others is highly exaggerated … There is a lot of fake information about it. We have to be very careful about this so as not to fall victim to this misinformation.”

Russian news agencies reported that 10,000 people had volunteered to fight before the summons arrived. According to the Russian General Staff

President Putin’s defense minister said the reserve mobilization was aimed at recruiting about 300,000 troops.

Anti-war protests in 38 Russian cities led to the arrest of more than 1,300 people on Wednesday, the Observatory said.

Some inmates were told to report to the military recruiting office on Thursday. which is the first day of military service The independent news agency said more rallies were planned for the weekend.


UN secretary warns of ‘endless’ horror stories of bloodshed

The UN Secretary-General warned that the latest progress of the war in Ukraine is imminent. “Endless cycle of horror and bloodshed”

Antonio Guterres branded Russia’s nuclear threat to the West as “Totally unacceptable” during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, see here:


Airfares from Moscow are sold out despite record prices.

The price of a one-way ticket from Moscow has skyrocketed. As the Russian man continued to head to the country’s borders. After Vladimir Putin ordered some mobilization

Airfares out of the capital to the nearest foreign destination surged above $5,000 (£4,440), with most airline seats sold out in the coming days.

Traffic at the border crossing with Finland continues to increase. And social media groups have surfaced with advice on leaving Russia.

“War is so bad” Sergey, a Russian who declined to give his last name told Reuters as he arrived in Belgrade. Serbian capital “It is okay to be afraid of war and death and all this.”

A Russian man who gave his name as Alex said he had left Russia in part because of mobilization.

“Partial mobilization is one of the reasons I came here,” he said. And it could lead to a lot of trouble for many Russians.”

He said he felt there were few Russians who wanted to be sent to fight.

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