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Two DSVs to Navy – AndhrajyotiATN News

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Construction at Visakha Shipyard.. Handing over to Navy today

Visakhapatnam, September 21 (Andhra Jyoti): Deep Sea Diving Vessels (DSVs) are designed to assist in patrolling, search and rescue at sea. Visakhapatnam-based Hindustan Shipyard Limited has taken a step forward in the construction of defense vessels. Two DSVs were built with complete indigenous knowledge. They will be handed over to the Indian Navy in Visakhapatnam on Thursday. Indian Navy Chief Admiral K. Harikumar will attend the function. Inauguration and christening will be done by wife Kalaharikumari. The Navy said that due to their construction, a large number of local employment opportunities have been created and this has also helped in the economic development of the country. The construction of these is said to have boosted the Indian Defense Force’s confidence that it can build more ships.

They are designed to be useful for submarine rescue operations. These are designed and manufactured by HSL itself. 80 percent of the equipment used in this is domestically manufactured. 120 MSME companies have supplied spare parts and equipment for the construction of these ships worth around Rs 2,230 crore. Each Deep Sea Diving Vessel (DSV) is 118.4 meters long. Width 22.8 meters. Weight 9,350 tons. Powered by two engines, the ship travels at a speed of 18 nautical miles per hour. Working at sea for 60 days at a time. 215 employees are working here. They help ‘Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles’ (DSRVs) which are used to recover submarines and other valuable equipment stuck in the deep sea.

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