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Trump opened the rally with disdain about ‘Crazy idiot’ New York Attorney General after she indicted himATN News

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former president donald Trump did not give a speech at a 10-minute rally promoting Republican candidates in North Carolina. When he turned his attention to a candidate who would appear on the ballot 437 miles away in the state he used to call home.

Instead of praising the virtues of GOP tickets in this year’s midterm elections, The ex-president, who was twice condemned, turned out to be an insult about the New York Attorney General. which filed Wednesday’s $250 million lawsuit against him. His eldest three children and his consortium, corporations and individuals involved in real estate and his licenses. After a three-year civil investigation into allegations of fraud.

“There is no better example than the obsession with coldly targeting left-wing political opponents. This equals unreasonable, inappropriate, and degrading litigation against me. My family, my company, by New York State’s racist Attorney General Leticia ‘Pekaboo’ James” Trump, who used a bizarre and inexplicable nickname for the Empire’s chief law enforcement officer. said

Next, Mr Trump called the veteran lawyer a “crazy” who had no other goal than “got” him, and said she “didn’t know anything” about him, despite overseeing a three-year investigation into evidence that the company. His systematic exaggeration. the value of his property to receive the loan and tax benefits

Two days after Ms. James said the former president “Involved in years of wrongdoing to increase his net worth … to defraud banks and citizens of New York City,” Trump mocked her efforts as That was part of an ongoing democratic-led campaign to destroy him and his radical political movement.

“It comes in many different forms. Whether it’s from Washington, D.C., whether it’s January 6th, it’s coming from so many different forms,” he continued, compiling a list of countless criminal investigations that have put him in trouble. Legal dangers resulting from attempts to overthrow the 2020 elections and the hoarding of classified documents at the Palm Beach, Florida home.

The former president said in The Department of Justice will question Ms James for what he describes as a “fair country”. Instead, he viewed him as violating US law. or when he revolted The crowd and sent to attack the Capitol in hopes of preventing Congress from certifying the loss of the 2020 elections, or whether he could endanger US national security by hoarding highly confidential documents in the vault. of the basement at his Florida beach club.

“There has never been a president who has gone through a bad situation. that I have ever encountered,” he said, giving an accurate assessment of the situation. Not to mention the fact that each investigation of his behavior has multiple violations of US and state law.

Citing a Justice Department investigation into improper storage of classified documents at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the former president called the entire situation a “hoax.”

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