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Countdown’s Susie Dent (Image: Rachel Joseph/ Channel 4)

for many households They can’t be moved – chiseled firmly into the housework.

And in the old days, when ‘streaming’ was just an educational term, And smart TVs are just a distant vision. You can set the time according to these.

Game shows seem to occupy a special place in British viewing behavior.

Parents who have long lamented their children’s entertainment choices can quickly turn into something akin to Darth Vader, rejecting the frequent ‘Countdown’ fixes.

Ever tried to wrestle with Grandma from afar when her favorite game show host was courting on-screen? do it at your peril

Whether you’re stuck in the irresistible stream of the word. ‘I can do better’, or be attracted by the sense of kinship brought about by these programs. could not deny their appeal.

The most popular game show in the UK is searched almost one million times each year. from new research

Based on an analysis of average Google searches per year for more than 60 game titles on UK television. A study conducted by Mahjong Challenge game experts revealed the top 10

Sitting in pole position It’s not that hard, it’s a ‘countdown’ with more than 996,000 searches per year.

The Test of Words and Numbers was the first program to air on Channel Four in 1982, and four decades later it leads Google search in the UK.

ITV’s ‘The Chase’, presented by Bradley Walsh, is followed by 840,000 searches per year, double the average of the top 10 game shows.

The show sees contestants battle professional testers in an attempt to win cash prizes. Some people walked out with as much as £75,000.

And number three? Is that your final answer? Yes, it’s a Rolls-Royce in the ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ genre with 456,000 searches per year, originally hosted by Chris Tarrant and later by Jeremy Clarkson. The show first aired in the UK in 1998.

Since then, it has been shown in over 120 countries in over 80 languages, making it one of the most successful game shows on television.

“Game shows have been a staple in many homes across the UK since the 1950s, and some of the most successful game shows on TV take place right here in England,” said a Mahjong Challenge (mahjong-challenge.com) spokesperson.

“It will be interesting to see how popularity will change in the coming years as 75% of the audience for ‘Countdown’ is 55 and older, while ‘The Chase’ has a broader audience.

“Game shows have to face more competition than ever to capture the attention of younger audiences. They are accustomed to accessing endless entertainment at the touch of a button through services like Netflix and Prime Video.”

With 360,000 searches a year, ‘Catchphrase’ ranks fourth in the table.

The show first aired in 1986 and is currently starring Steven Mulhern. Contestants try to guess the correct catchphrase using photographs or animation.

In fifth place is ‘Tenable’, an ITV quiz show hosted by Warwick Davis, where contestants try to find the top ten answers in a given category.

And the top ten wouldn’t be complete without the BBC’s ‘Mastermind’, with its distinctive black chair badge and ominous theme tweaks – aptly named ‘Approaching Menace’.

It might be seen as the smartest British quiz show. The classic celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with quiz teacher Clive Myrie as a curator.

The show’s creator, Bill Wright, a former Air Force sniper. has used his experience as a prisoner of war in Germany in World War II to shape the project.

His interrogators repeated three questions – name, title and number – which inspired the idea of ​​asking the contestants’ names, occupations and subjects.

First aired on BBC One in 1972 and hosted by ex-journalist Magnus Magnusson, the mastermind has become a national institution with the famous catchphrase: “I started and I’m going to finish.”

Ranking UK Game Show Monthly Search Volume yearly search volume

1 countdown 83,000 996,000

2 Chase 70,000 840,000

3 Who wants to be 38,000 456,000

4 poems 30,000 360,000

6 Mastermind 26,000 312,000

7 Blanket 25,000 300,000

8 tip points 22,000 264,000

9 Crystal Maze 21,000 252,000

10 questions about sports 21,000 252,000

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