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This Trump supporter is close to getting it. (but so far) it’s hilariousATN News

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John Plunkett. Updated September 23, 2022.

As you’ve probably seen without a doubt, Donald Trump has protected any classified documents. that he may or may not have on his Mar-a-Lago estate, saying that as president He could unclassify something just by thinking.

And it’s normal for people to think If Trump believes he can classify things just by thinking. What can other presidents, like Joe Biden, be able to classify them again?

But this Trump supporter didn’t buy it. And he’s so close to getting it – but so far – it’s hilarious, as shared in a Reddit corner called ‘Self-Known Wolf’

And these are just some of the things people talk about.

‘The fact that Trumpers are defending ‘Mind Declassification’ hogwash is the worst thing I will read on the internet today.’

‘The problem with the trumpeter is from my observation They are too deep Now they really couldn’t turn back. There was a resounding resemblance among them that they lost their entire group of friends. Some of them have been there for a very long time. They were cut off from their family members, they lost their jobs, they had doubled over and over again.

‘They have to grab and hold on to any explanation. No matter how far it has been explained to prove all that reason, otherwise the others were not only right. but also justified their actions towards them.

‘And if they are clearly terribly wrong when so many people around them push their ‘beliefs’ hard. any of their other beliefs that might be wrong?

‘It’s a thread they don’t want to pull. Block Genka they won’t take off. And the cards they can’t get out of the house – or everything collapses.’

‘They are too deep’

‘I like my mental pretzels with extra salt!!’

‘These gymnastics make me thirsty!’

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Source: Reddit u/IzK


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