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This time “Grievance Cell”, the new announcement of the state government to complain about the transfer of teachers ATN News

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#Kolkata: Complaints can be reported to Grievance Cell on 4 points from this time. Teachers can complain to the Grievance Cell on a number of issues, including delay in getting transfer recommendations.

The state government has launched the ‘Utsashree’ portal to implement the transfer policy of teachers near their homes. This time the grievance cell was launched to complain about the transfer. On Wednesday, the School Service Commission informed by the guidelines that from this time, teachers can complain to this Grievance Cell to complain about transfer matters. However, in that case, the School Service Commission has also specified what issues can be complained about.

The Commission has informed that, 1) Delay in receiving transfer recommendation letter from SSC, 2) Application forms being sent back to DIs from SSC 3) Rank related issues 4) Complaints can be made on other issues. The teachers have to give their employee ID, application code and mobile number to report the complaint. That is, there is no need to inform the names of the teachers, to report the complaints related to the transfer. According to the guidelines of the commission, complaints can be filed through this URL wbsschelpdesk.com/support.

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However, the SSC has not made it clear about what matters can be complained about. However, SSC officials claim that teachers can complain about any matter related to transfer. More than 19,000 teachers have already been transferred through Utsashree portal. But there have been several cases in the High Court regarding this transfer. In that case, it is considered that this cell has been launched to reduce the complaints in the transfer process, as well as to settle the transfer complaints in the SSC before the High Court.

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