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This person on Tinder tasted his own medicine and ended up badly.ATN News

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The top contender for the Tinder exchange of the week is this one who gets a taste of his own medicine and is very satisfied too.

It was shared on Reddit by superior technique And it just spread wildly for obvious reasons.

Mega Off

‘It’s funny that these people are only 1 inch different in height.’

‘My ex broke up with me because she was an inch taller than me’
dull light

‘If she’s not 5 feet tall, most men should be taller than her.’
Jamie 29ky

‘I’m 5’5” and I still can’t tell when a guy is 6 versus when they’re 5’10”, there’s no way this woman could say that.

‘This reminds me of a Reddit comment at 6’2” or what a guy meets his short friend’s boyfriend who she says is the same height only to find out that her boyfriend is 5’11 at most and lying. you but you It was too short to really be able to tell the difference, so she believed him, Luo.’
P Band Jaya

“How tall are you?”

“6 feet”

“OK. Let’s go have dinner.”


“How tall are you?”

” 5’11”. ”

“Sorry. I don’t date short men.”

summarize …

‘These interactions are very strange’


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Source Reddit u/TechnicallySuperior


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