These Cities in Texas Would Be In Horrific Danger During Nuclear War

In the case ofWorld War III,Houston stands as a potential target for enemy nuclear weapons, according to assessments. But I think there’s a chance that an other Texas city is even more vulnerable. According to Business Insider, Houston is one of the top six targets, demonstrating how unprepared every American city is to deal with the fallout from such an assault.

Amarillo and a few other Texas cities, such as El Paso, seem to be particularly vulnerable. Investigating the factors that led to these rankings is worthwhile.

Houston’s enormous population and its status as a key hub for oil and other industries vital to wartime efforts all contribute to its high ranking as a possible target.

Despite being geographically apart from the rest of Texas, El Paso is considered a major target because it is one of the most important ports of entry with Mexico. Its vulnerability is further increased by the close proximity of significant military installations like Holloman, White Sands, and Fort Bliss, which are recognized by both hostile forces and important military organizations.

Despite having a population similar to Las Cruces, Amarillo has a negligible military presence. It does, however, have a special quality found in the Pantex Plant, which is situated outside of the city.

The nickname “Bomb City” was given to Amarillo because of this facility, which covertly assembles and dismantles all of the country’s nuclear weapons.Pantex is a key player in the dismantling of nuclear weapons after the military no longer needs them, in addition to being involved in ongoing maintenance, modifications, and dependability assessments of these weapons.

In conclusion, the study points to Houston, El Paso, and Amarillo as possible targets in Texas during World War III. Houston’s strategic importance in defense and energy as well as its sizeable population are factors contributing to its vulnerability. Due to its location near military installations and its significance as a port of entry, El Paso is more vulnerable. Meanwhile, as the location for building and dismantling the nation’s nuclear weapons, Amarillo’s noteworthy feature, the Pantex Plant, makes it a special target. The evaluation highlights a number of variables that may affect the choice of targets in the unlikely event of a third world war, such as population density, military presence, and strategic installations.

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