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The police caught the army man, who used to blackmail the student.ATN News

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Punjab Police has arrested an Army jawan Sanjeev Singh after investigating the Chandigarh University MMS leak case. Sanjeev was arrested from Seela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. Now he will be brought to Mohali and produced in court. It is being told that Sanjeev Singh used to blackmail the girl by making a video.

The DGP of Punjab Police gave information in this regard by tweeting on Saturday (September 24, 2022). He said- “An important development has been made in the Chandigarh University case with the cooperation of the Army, Assam and Arunachal Police. The police arrested the accused Armyman Sanjeev Singh from Seela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. He was sent to Mohali on transit remand from CJM Bomdela. will be presented in court.

Let us know that the arrest of the army jawan is the fourth arrest in this case. Earlier, three arrests have been made in the Chandigarh MMS leak case. Among them, one of the accused is a student and two of his friends, who were arrested by the police from Shimla after the case was opened.

The police reportedly found several facts in questioning Rinkaj Verma (31) and Sunny Mehta (23). Now the police started further investigation on the same basis and after that the soldier was arrested.

Chandigarh MMS Leak Scandal

It is worth noting that ever since the revelation of the Chandigarh University MMS leak scandal, new angles are emerging. Earlier it was said that the accused girl leaked the video of 60 other female students in the bath. The police then said that they have found only one video of the accused girl herself. Apart from this, the police has also denied the news of suicide attempt by the affected students.

Meanwhile, it was later found that a video of another girl has come out from the girl’s mobile phone. Police immediately sent the videos to a forensic lab for testing. Along with this, the remand of the three accused was also taken. Meanwhile, the lawyer of the accused girl told the court that she is being blackmailed by another boy. There were also such news in the media that Blackmailing a girl The man’s name is Sanjeev Kumar who is a soldier in the army. He was repeatedly asking the girl to delete call history and screenshots etc.

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