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The miscreants escaped after being shot in the thigh, the assailant had come out of Tihar Jail. After being shot in the thigh, the miscreants escaped, the assailant came out of Tihar JailATN News

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JaipurAn hour ago

A young man was shot dead by motorcycle-riding miscreants in Harmada area.

A youth was shot dead in Jaipur on Thursday evening. The assailants fled the scene after being shot in the thigh. On the information, Harmada police station immediately set up a blockade, but the motorcycle-riding miscreants could not be traced. The injured youth has been admitted to SMS Hospital.

Police said that in the firing, the bullet hit Gauro, a resident of Harmada Ghati, in the thigh. Around 6:30 in the evening, he was sitting at the shop with his friend Sadama. Meanwhile, two boys on a bike came. Sitting at the shop, Sadama started asking for someone’s mobile number. Sadama talked about not having a mobile number. After that, they both left there on a motorcycle. Came back after some time. The boy sitting on the back of the bike pulled out a homemade pistol from his pocket. Seeing this, Sadama ran for his life. Gaurav, a friend sitting with him, also ran after seeing Sadama running away. After that, the miscreants opened fire. The bullet went into Gaurav’s thigh. The sound of firing spread fear and panic among the people. When the bullet went through Gaurav’s thigh, he was bleeding. Seeing this, the attackers fled from there.

The police were recruited.
Harmada police reached the spot on the information of the young man’s firing. Police immediately rushed Gaurav, who was bleeding, to SMS Hospital with the help of an ambulance. The police set up a blockade to catch the miscreants who opened fire, but no trace of the miscreants could be found. Initial police inquiries have revealed that the shooters were youths named Ravi and Sonu. He had a quarrel with Sadama. About 15 years ago, they had a battle near Slapid. One of these gangsters has come out of Tihar Jail. Police are looking for two gangsters who shot.

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