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The minister ordered an inquiry after a picture of girls cleaning school toilets surfaced.ATN News

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sugar cane: After photographs of female students cleaning toilets in a government school in Madhya Pradesh’s Gana district surfaced in the local media on Thursday, state panchayat minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

The incident came to light after pictures of young girls of the district cleaning toilets of primary and secondary schools in Chakdeopur village surfaced in the media, an official said. After these reports, Minister Sisodia ordered an investigation.

According to local media reports, the cleaning girls are fifth and sixth graders.

A team from the school education department also reached the school on Thursday to investigate the matter, the official said. Both primary and secondary schools are run in the same village premises.

The incident took place on Tuesday (September 20) when the principal of the school had gone to Gona to attend an official meeting.

Chandrasekhar Sisodia, deputy director of the education department, said that we have taken the matter seriously and are investigating the matter. Action will be taken against those found guilty.

According to Hindustan Times, Gana District Collector said that the matter is being investigated. Such treatment of female students will not be allowed.

The families of the students claimed that the school management had forced the girls to clean the bathroom several times in the past. He also said that there is no peon in the school due to which the school bathroom is dirty.

However, Guna District Education Officer (DEO) Sonam Jain said that during investigation, the girls clarified that they did not clean the toilet, but after using the toilet, took water from a hand pump and flushed it into the toilet. Poured, as it were. Due to the rain, the soil became saturated and automatically added water to the tiles to prevent them from slipping.

Jain said they took the statements of the girls concerned as well as the employees and their parents. He has denied that he was forced to clean the toilet.

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