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The financial deficit of the country has doubled, Shaukat TareenATN News

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Islamabad (92 News) – Former finance minister Shaukat Tareen says that the country’s financial deficit has doubled, the debt we took in four years, we took that much in six months.

While holding a press conference on Monday, he said he could not meet a single demand, including bringing the dollar below 200 and renegotiating with the IMF. Taxes will have to be increased to reduce the deficit, which will further increase inflation, hopefully Pakistan will not default.

Shaukat Tarin said that in our time Pakistan’s growth was 6 percent, which is now two or one percent, factories are closing and unemployment is increasing, gas tariff has been increased, people will not get gas in winter. The government should stop making accusations and think of the country, the only solution is to hold elections.


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