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The Chief Minister’s son sitting on the chair.. Pictures are going viral..| Eknath Shinde Eknath Shinde Eknath Shinde’s Uddhav camp was stunned to see his son sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair- News 18 TeluguATN News

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The chief minister’s chair in the secretariat is occupied only by the state chief minister. Otherwise, those who fall are not allowed to sit. But there is criticism that his son is sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair in Maharashtra. Currently, there is an uproar over this issue in Maratha politics. Currently Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is visiting Delhi. He is visiting Hastina for official functions. Meanwhile, a photo tweeted by Sharad Pawar’s NCP leader Ravikant Parpe has opened up a sensation in state politics. The Shiv Sena-BJP government has criticized the government after its son Srikanth Shinde posted a photo of him sitting on the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s chair. “Congratulations to Srikanth Shinde for becoming a super Chief Minister. In the absence of the Chief Minister, the son is the Chief Minister. Democracy is being strangled in the state. What kingship is this? NCP leader Ravikant Parpe tweeted.

Is that photo real? It is not clear whether or not. In the photo, Shrikant Shinde, son of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath and MP, is sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair and working. He is looking at some file. Officers are also standing around. It has also been written that he is the Chief Minister. NCP leaders call Shrikant Shinde as Super Chief Minister. NCP leader Mehboob Shaikh also shared this picture. “In the absence of the Chief Minister, the Chief Minister’s position is held by the son. Father and son work to defame the post of Chief Minister. What kingship is this? A father’s number.. a son’s number. Maharashtrian Karma,” he tweeted.

Eknath Shinde’s son Srikanth Shinde has finally come clean after the photo sparked a political uproar. They responded that NCP is creating unnecessary fuss in this. NCP leaders said that the office in the viral photo is not the chief minister’s office. He clarified that it was his house. He said that this is not the chief minister’s chair but his chair. He said that he did not notice the board behind the chair that said Chief Minister.. This is a normal thing. He criticized that there is no need to make such a fuss over it. Meanwhile, Srikanth Shinde’s son Kalyan represents the Lok Sabha constituency as an MP.

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