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The Bhadohi fire incident inside the venue is horrifying with scattered objects telling the story of the horrors of the accident.ATN News

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Pictures of the fire at the Durga Puja pandal in Orai’s Keramu were still showing the horror of the accident on Monday. The district administration had completely sealed the crime scene. But the sight inside was enough to scare anyone.

Where there was a grand puja pandal till yesterday, only the ruined structure was visible on Monday. Yesterday there was a mournful silence in the pandal, where people were watching the odes of the mother’s glory. People shuddered to see scattered belongings, charred remains and the makeshift walls of the pandal that had been reduced to ashes. A child’s glasses or a woman’s purse had fallen after last night’s stampede amid the flames. Somewhere there was a smart watch and somewhere there was an offering basket. Scattered shoes and slippers are saying that what happened was very bad. After the incident, force has also been deployed near the venue. A large number of people from across the district reached the spot on Monday. Everyone was stunned to see the conditions there. From the police administration to the organizing committee, everyone was insulted. He said that if the system was in order, there would not have been such a huge loss of life.

A mountain of grief fell on two families in the mother’s court

A fire in Orai’s Northwan on Sunday night has left two families in mourning. Ankash Soni, the younger son of Deepak Seth of Jethopur, has passed away. Along with this, the wife and two grandsons of former head of Barigaon Ramapati have lost their lives. More than five children of his family are undergoing treatment in hospitals.

At the pandal in Orai, women and men from a dozen nearby villages came to watch the show with Aarti. The people of Jethopur, Barigaon and Sewer villages are the most affected in this accident. About 12 people from Jethopur, 25 from Barigaon and 15 from Sewer have been affected by the fire. Eight members of the family of former head of Barigaon Ramapati have been burnt. His wife and two grandchildren are deceased. Five children are still fighting for life and death at the BHU trauma centre. It is as if God has lashed Deepak Soni of Jethopur village. His younger son Ankash Soni has died in this incident. On Monday, he fell unconscious and sat outside the house. The atmosphere was mournful with the painful cries of women and relatives.

First lost her husband and now her only son.

Seema Devi (40), who suffered burns in the Orai fire incident, is undergoing treatment at Kabirchura Hospital. He might recover and come home, but what does he know now that his whole world has fallen apart? Relatives are worried about how Seema will survive after losing her first husband and now her only son.


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