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The bank allowed two customers to own the same account number MP Ajab Gajab – Bank has allotted the same account number to two customers! So one took the other’s money.ATN News

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But a case came out from Madhya Pradesh, after hearing which everyone was forced to think, does it even happen? It is alleged that as soon as the victim informs an office about a mistake, the office admits its mistake, but seems to try to avoid correcting it.

These allegations have been made by the victim.
In fact, a different kind of case has come to light in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Where due to the mistake of a bank employee, the same account number one was allotted to two persons. In such a case, when the installment of PM Housing came in the account of one customer, the other took half of it.

Due to which the troubled customer went to the bank with a complaint, whereupon the bank informed him that he had withdrawn the money from the ATM. When the customer told that he had not taken the ATM, the bank went on the defensive. After that, as soon as it was revealed that two users of the same account had become the owner. So when the aggrieved customer was asked to withdraw the money from another customer, the bank officials came down on the complainant account holder’s misbehavior and even banned him from entering the bank.

Informing about the matter, the victim’s advocate Pawan Nanhoria said that he has filed a case in the consumer forum on behalf of Mannalal Thakur, a resident of Sant Ravi Das ward. In this regard, a case has been registered against Punjab National Bank’s Sagar branch. Tired of business matters, PNB Bank has filed this case by his party Manalal Thakur.

In this, PNB has allotted the same account number to party Manalal Thakur and another Manalal Sandila. The bank admits its mistake, but is not correcting it. According to the victim, Manalal, an amount of Rs.1 lakh of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana was received in his account. Another Manalal withdrew Rs 40,000 three times from an ATM near Radha Tirah Vandana Hotel.

When the victim complained to the bank, it was learned that the account had been allotted to two manals. The victim said that he was not given an ATM, while his account was given to another Manalal. In this case, instead of getting the bank money, the victim was threatened, and was also banned from entering the premises.

Meanwhile, according to the information given, in the case of the victim Manalal who went to the consumer commission, when he went to the bank and discussed the matter, he searched the account and found that the same number as his account number. Some were given to Manalal Sandhila. At first, the bank employees harassed him, but when it came to withdrawing the money, the bankers started threatening him and resorted to verbal abuse.

At the same time he called the guard and told him to his face that this man should not enter the bank. take it out. After that, a petition has been filed in the user forum on behalf of the victim. A legal notice has been sent to the bank by the counsel appearing on his behalf.


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