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Surya Namaskars (12 Asanas) | Prabha NewsATN News

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1) Pranamasanam

Stand straight on the ground facing the sun (east direction). Hold both hands together and salute in the heart. Inhale normally. Chant ‘Om Mitrayanama’ from the Anahata Chakra in the heart. It reduces anxiety.

2) Uthithitahasasana

After Pranamasana, while inhaling air, lift the head and arms up and bend them back a little. Chant ‘Om Raviye Nama’ from the sacred chakra focusing on the throat, this will make the lungs clean and strong.

3) Padahastasana

(People with BP should not do this asana)
Exhaling, bend forward, place palms on the floor on either side of the feet, forehead on the knees, and focus on the Swadhishthana chakra at the end of the vertebrae. Chant ‘Om Surya Nama:’ Because of this, legs and arms are strong
will come

4) Ashwachanchalanasana (right)

Legs, arms, legs and arms should be straight, palms should be pressed on the ground and the right leg should be bent at the knee and its foot should be brought between the two hands. The left leg should be stretched back. Stretch the head and neck back. The mind should be placed on the Ajnachakra at the center of the earth. ‘Om Bhanavenama:’ should be remembered. Do not let the left knee touch the ground. Reduces back pain and leg pain. Strengthens the respiratory tract. The bladder is clean and healthy.

5) Parvatasana

It is also known as Nabhidharmasana. On the exhalation, the forward leg should be equally extended to the left leg and the buttock raised. (It rises above the waist and looks like a mountain peak) Bend your head so that you can see the belly. The limbs should be kept straight without bending. Now the body is like a mountain. The mind should be placed in front of the Vishukada chakra in the throat. ‘Om Khagayanama:’ should be recited. Back, legs and arms will be strong

6) Prostrate maskarasana

It is also known as Sujud. Exhale and lower the body. Stretch your legs back and bend your arms at the elbows. Two feet, two knees, two palms, chest and chin these eight limbs should touch the ground. In this condition the air should be tightened. A depressed mind should be placed in the manipuraka chakra at the navel position. Chant ‘Om Pushne Nama:’ Impure gases are removed from the body.

7) Bhujangasana

Lie down, bring your arms to your chest, and lift your chest as high as possible above your waist. The body should rest on the feet and toes. The knees should not touch the floor. Exhale and come back to normal. Focus should be on the navel (or) Pooraka Chakra. Chant ‘Om Hiranya Garbhaya Nama:’ Breathing is strong. Legs, arms and legs are mobile.

8) Parvatasana

As you exhale, balance your feet, lift your buttocks up and look at your stomach, keep your head down, and make sure your body is like a mountain. Focus should be on the throat chakra. One should remember ‘Om Parikhe Nama:’.

9) Ashwachanchalanasana (Left)

While inhaling, bend the left leg at the knee and extend the right leg back. Raise the neck and focus on the Swadhishthana chakra at the end of the spine. Chant ‘Om Aditya Nama:’

10) Padahastasana

(People with BP should not do this asana)
Exhale and bend forward, placing your palms on the floor on either side of your feet and your knees on your forehead. Attention should be paid to the final position of the vertebrae. ‘Om Savitre Nama:’ should be chanted. It strengthens legs and arms.

11) Uthithitahasasana

As in the second asana, lift the arms up and inhale the air, lift the head between the two hands and bend it slightly backwards. Chant ‘Om Arkaya Nama’ focusing on the throat (sacred chakra).

12) Pranamasanam

It should be done like the first Pranamasana. In two words, inhale straight facing east, join both hands, bring them to the heart and chant ‘Om Bhaskaraya Nama’ from the Anahata Chakra in the heart.

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