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Subhendu garlands Dileep’s film at Gangarghat, Madan Mitra in controversy ATN News

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North Bengal News Digital Desk: Kamarhati MLA bid farewell to BJP by garlanding pictures of Shuvendu Adhikari and Dilip Ghosh in the early hours of Mahalaya. Madan Mitra. Madan’s followers also raised Haribol sounds. Such a picture was caught in Kolkata’s Ganga Babughat. The people who came to give birth at the Ganga Ghat were shocked by this incident.

Mahalaya today. On this day pilgrims gather at various river ghats for the purpose of giving birth. Offer sesame water to the ancestors. This time the fatherhood was also touched by politics. Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra of Kamarhati went to visit Ganga Babughat in Kolkata this morning. On this day, he took with him the photo of State Opposition Leader Subvendu Adhikari and BJP All India Vice-President Dilip Ghosh. Madan Mitra garlanded the photo of these two BJP leaders at Babughat. As Madan Mitra garlanded the portraits of BJP leaders, shouts of ‘Bolo Hari, Hari Bol’ were heard from the followers. On this day, Madan Mitra said, ‘BJP’s political death is going to happen in the upcoming panchayat elections, at that time there will be no more people to tarpan. So I went in advance’. He also said that those who are garlanded in their pictures may be healthy and live long with their families in their personal lives.

What Madan Mitra did that day in Babughat is unprecedented in Bengal politics. A lot of people stood and witnessed this feat of Madan Mitra at Babughat. Although the matter is a source of laughter for many, many criticized Madan Mitra. BJP leader Rahul Sinha criticized BJP’s advance tarpan by placing garlands on the pictures of two BJP leaders. In this context, he said, ‘Madan Mitra has tarnished Bengali culture and traditional religion. Actually Trinamool’s farewell is imminent, so the Trinamool MLA continues to try to make himself a hero from zero by applying the touch of politics.


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