Study Shows Pennsylvania Highest Weed Consuming City

Study Shows Pennsylvania Highest Weed Consuming City

The smell of weed smoke is now so common in Philadelphia that it’s even stronger than the smell of tobacco smoke. In Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, people are still breaking the law by smoking cannabis at a very high (pun meant) rate.

That’s what The Center for Advancing Health says. The group just put out its 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index, which shows which places around the world smoke the most weed.

“We examined the top and bottom cannabis-consuming nations to choose the study cities,” the study states. “Then, we looked at countries where marijuana is partially or fully legal, as well as those where it is not, and chose the final list of 140 cities to give the best comparison of the global price of cannabis.”

All things considered, Philadelphia ranked 15th in the country for general cannabis use. The study found that people in Philadelphia smoke 10.6 tons of weed every year. The study found that a gram of the drug costs $11.30 on average in Philadelphia. This ranks Philadelphia at No. 33 on the marijuana price ranking.

Although marijuana use and possession are still legally illegal in Philadelphia, the District Attorney’s Office has decided not to pursue low-level marijuana crimes, making it seem like marijuana use and possession are legal. The study found that folks smoke the most weed in the following places around the world:

  • New York
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Rome, Italy

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