Study Says that New York City is Consuming the Most Cannabis in the World

Study Says that New York City is Consuming the Most Cannabis in the World

Even though New York’s adult-use cannabis program isn’t fully up and running yet, people are still smoking. There’s study to back it up!

A new study says that at 62.3 metric tons (about 137,000 pounds) per year, New York City smokes more weed than any other city in the world. The study, called the “2023 Cannabis Global Price Index,” was put together by the health information site CFAH, which gathered price data on cannabis from 140 places around the world.

The study looked at the cities with the most and least expensive cannabis as well as the price trend for cannabis in the U.S. It also looked at the cities with the most and least expensive cannabis.

Which City is Consuming the Most Cannabis?

CFAH looked at the top and bottom cannabis-using countries to narrow down the study areas, taking into account how cannabis is treated legally in each area. The researchers then picked the 140 cities that would show the “best comparison of the global cannabis price.” The prices per gram came from polls taken by many people in different cities and changed to fit the PriceOfWeed dashboard and the UNODC World Drug Report.

CFAH used data from the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep track of overall consumption. Seasonal AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA), a model used to find patterns in data, was used to figure out the U.S. price trajectory.

There are a lot more people who use weed in New York City than in any other city. Even though cannabis is banned in Australia, Sydney came in second with 45.8 metric tons per year, which is about 17 metric tons less than New York City. Third place went to Los Angeles, with 35 metric tons per year. Chicago came in second with 24.9 tons per year, and Rome, Italy came in third with 21.9 tons per year.

The top 20 towns are ordered on the list. This list goes from sixth place in the United States to twentieth place in Canada, with cities like Phoenix, Arizona; Montreal, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Vancouver, Canada; Uskudar, Turkey; Dublin, Ireland; Denver, Colorado; and Annapolis, Canada.

Cities With the Most and Least Expensive Cannabis

Cannabis is against the law and is heavily punished in Japan, but people who want to smoke it will have to pay a lot of money. At $33.8 per gram, Tokyo had the most expensive weed. The next two places were Dublin, Ireland, and Tallinn, Estonia, with prices of $22.50 and $22.10 per gram, respectively.

The study found that weed was least expensive in Montreal, Canada, where it cost only $5.90 per gram. The next two were Bangalore, India, and Notre Dame, Canada, at $6 and $6.20 per gram, respectively.

A lot of people think that if cannabis is legal, it will be easier to get and cost less. However, the places with the most and least expensive cannabis were evenly split when it came to whether it was legal or illegal. The ten towns with the most expensive cannabis are split into six that don’t allow it and four that do. The six places where cannabis is legal and the four cities where it is illegal are very close to each other in terms of how much it costs.

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