Study Discloses the Most Drunkest City of California State

Study Discloses the Most Drunkest City of California State

A new study says that the Santa Rosa-Petaluma area of the Bay Area is the drunkest city in California. This is probably the opinion that people there hear the most. A financial news website called 24/7WallSt looked at the number of men and women over 18 in U.S. cities who said they drank a lot or binged.

The figures showed that 23.2% of adults in Santa Rosa-Petaluma, which is about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco, said they drink too much, making it the most alcoholic city in the Golden State. That’s lower than the average for the whole state, which is 18.4% and the 24th lowest in the country.

Some people who know the area might not be surprised, since it is in the Wine Country of Sonoma County. It has a wildlife park, its own symphony, and a busy center area with world-class restaurants, a museum, a wide range of cultural activities, and more. It’s also known for its drinks.

“Santa Rosa is known as the craft brew capital of the United States. It is known as the place where wine country meets beer city.” Set up a day to taste different beers, like the unique sour beers at Shady Oak Barrel House or the brewery tours at Russian River Brewing Company in Windsor. “There’s a beer waiting here for you at one of the 12 world-class breweries in or near Santa Rosa,” says the city’s website. Sonoma, Healdsburg, and the Russian River Valley are all nearby towns that are also known for their wine.

There are about 482,650 people living in Santa Rosa-Petaluma. The study found that the Plains states, the Midwest, and the Far West have the country’s most drunk cities. Seven of the cities on the list with the highest rates of heavy drinking have populations of more than one million people. The biggest metro area is Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, which has 2.8 million people living in it.

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