Study Disclose Illinois Most Kinkiest City of this Year

Study Disclose Illinois Most Kinkiest City of this Year

There are more spicy places in the Midwest than others. You might feel different things in different places in the same state. It’s possible that the town is very wealthy, very dirty, or just too small to have its own identity. But one thing you might not notice is how sexy the people who live there are (or it might be painfully clear), who knows.

RoadSnacks looked at how many toys people buy at Adam & Eve, an adult store, to find the ten sexiest towns in Illinois. It only looked at how much we buy per person and not what we buy. Iowa, this is still a problem for you. We also have sexy towns.

These are the three sexiest towns in Illinois, along with the sexiest QCA city in Illinois.


It is a town of about 83,161 people and is a neighbor of Chicago. It is also the sexiest city in Illinois. It had 0.07 Adam & Eve toy sales per person.


In 2021, there were 6,982 people living in Mendota, making it the smallest of the top three kinkiest towns. With 0.05 adult toy sales per person, it’s small but powerful. Moline is 70 miles away from the town.

West Chicago

West Chicago has 25,370 people living there as of 2021. The city’s website says that they were the “first Illinois community established by the railroads.” With 0.04 Adam and Eve orders per person, they are also the second biggest city in Illinois among the top three sexiest cities.

The Kinkiest Town in The QCA

Yes, Moline is the sexiest QCA city in Illinois! They came in at number 12 on the list of the sexiest places in Illinois. That’s really high. With 42,985 people in 2020, they had 0.02 adult toy sales per person.

Clinton is the most sexy city on the Iowa side of the QCA. You don’t have to say if you bought any of these adult toys, which is good news. That’s a secret that you can keep.

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