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Strictly Dance Star Jayde Adams Opens Up About Same-Sex Matching With Karen HauerATN News

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Strictly Come Dancing star Jayde Adams talks about the upcoming partnership with Karen Hauer in this year’s series.

before launching this year’s program Viewers discovered that 2 radio host Richie Anderson accounted for half of the show’s third same-sex pairing.

During the pre-recorded launch on Friday night. It was announced that he would team up with the reigning stern champion Giovanni Pernice. But viewers also discovered that two same-sex teams will compete on the show for the first time.

The second matchup will feature Jayde and Karen, with the partnership previously revealed during interviews with HuffPost UK and other media ahead of this year’s launch event.

Jayde will create half of one of the two strictly same-sex pairings this year.

Jayde is a stand-up comic and a serious fan. Says she originally tweeted that she wanted to dance with a female pro four years ago, “I was like, ‘If I’m on Strictly, I’d love to be with a girl because I can lift her.’

“Whenever [Strictly has] A partnership where you have plus size men. it’s easy for him because he can lift a woman But when you have it vice versa And you have that imbalance… [the male professionals] Very good, but they are not rugby players. So I thought I would be [more] able to enter acrobatics [with a woman].

“And now I’m not only getting what we call Karen women’s partnership. But she’s also an athlete. You picked her up and she held herself there.”

Jayde continued: “I think we will have a lot of fun together. Just try to get yourself out of our comfort zone.”

Karen Hauer

The comedian added, “We haven’t really talked. about what audiences expect from them in dancing. But I think we’ll mix it up a bit. we don’t just go [base our routines on] The order of the two of us We will go with what we are as people.

“What you add to the whole dance is storytelling. and as a storyteller, writer and comedian I am the whole story, so it depends on what story we are creating with each dance.

“I think you might be surprised. You and I won’t be ashamed of the romance of dancing either. It will be really fun to perform together. And we want to show it in our show.

“I think there must be some chemistry. I think romance and chemistry We will continue to bring that into our partnership.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jayde talks about her own dancing background. Noting that while she was “not Ashley Roberts,” she danced well in competitions as a child.

“I was confident in joining this show because I knew. Doing the routine won’t be difficult for me. Because I have memories of the routine because of freestyle disco dancing when I was a kid,” she said. “That is with you forever.

Jayde joins the rest of the cast this year.
Jayde joins the rest of the cast this year.

The Bristol-born actress began her solo career in 2011 and in 2019 she gained spotlight with her award-winning performance in Edinburgh, The Ballad Of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face, which was Special Shows Saved for Emmy Awards

In addition to Channel 4’s Snackmasters and Crazy Delicious shows, Jayde has also starred in shows like Good Omens and Alma’s Not Normal, as well as the upcoming film Take That Greatest Days.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Jayde said she signed up for Strictly in part to honor her late sister. who died in 2011 at the age of 28.

“I’ve always been fat,” Jayde said. “I’m a great dancer. But in a freestyle disco dance When I danced in the 90s, there were really requirements. about how you look when you do it

“My sister really got that mold. I didn’t. We used to have to dance together because we were brothers and it was easier. And I’ll be honest with you, I think I held her back a little.”

She added: “She probably doesn’t understand anything about it. She will be supportive and find me funny. She always thought of me as funny.

“But she studied contemporary dance at university. and she was part of the contemporary dance troupe in Bristol. and dancing is your life It’s all you’ve ever done And I think you really understand this.

“It’s pretty intense, I’ll be honest. It’s a big deal for me and the family that I do it. And I will do my best not to cry every week. because I know how annoying it is. Because I’ve been watching this show for years.”

The first strictly live performance of the year will air Saturday night on BBC One.


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