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Streaming service wipes out LGBTQ+ series in SingaporeATN News

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The drama BL KinnPorsche is just one of the shows that have been removed. (Cloud based/YouTube)

Beijing-based streaming service has removed LGBTQ+ TV series from Singapore listings.

Chinese-owned iQiyi removed 10 LGBTQ-themed TV shows from its Singapore servers on Tuesday (September 20) as part of a media compliance review.

“Content has been temporarily removed in accordance with the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s recommendation to R21. [the 21-and-over age rating in Singapore] content,” a spokesperson for the company said. diversity.

Movies and Media Shown “Normal homosexual lifestyles” are often classified. “Not for All Ratings” (NAR), which means the film was rejected for ratings because the governing body considered the content undermining the national interest or believed it. “Destroying morals the thread of society”

iQiyi is one of the largest streamers in the world. It has nearly 500 million monthly active users and approximately 6 billion hours of service.

The list that is blocked in the country is the original Thai language. KinnPorsche and Until we meet again. Both feature in the “Boys Love” or BL category, which are very popular in Southeast Asia.

The drama BL KinnPorsche is just one of the shows that have been removed. (Cloud based/YouTube)

iQiyi added that it will continue to implement tighter access controls as part of the user interface update. including requiring a PIN code for a unique name

It claims that the “temporary” ban will not affect content commissions or licensing, as upcoming revisions will make the show available to an adult audience.

The Singapore government pledged in August to curb LGBTQ+ content in a so-called effort. “Protect a younger audience” while leaving it to adults. “Choose wisely”

While the country’s laws on media have forbidden The crackdown on what constitutes illegal content comes as the country moves to repeal Section 377A, which essentially degrades gay sexism in the region.

The government’s goal is to mitigate what they see as “illegal” content shown to minors, including non-sexual mentions of LGBTQ+ existence, as a result of the deterioration of LGBTQ+ rights. Media regulators have made it more accessible.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien announced the cancellation during a National Day 2022 rally on August 21, after more than a decade and a half on the topic.

“It would be too divisive to force the problem back then,” he said during the speech. “Now, 15 years later, attitudes have changed dramatically. Although we remain a broad conservative society. But now gay men are more accepted in Singapore. especially among the younger Singaporean youth.”

The announcement was welcomed by activists and human rights campaigners in the country. which is called “The Triumph of the Hardest” and “The Triumph of Love Over Fear”

But the battle is not over yet. The government refused to lift the ban on same-sex marriage.

During the same speech Xin said his administration would stick to the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

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