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South Indian films are trending and Bollywood is over, calls Yash ‘bulls**t’: ‘Let’s burn forests’ATN News

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It’s not just violence that Yash dislikes. The actor, who shot to fame across India with his blockbuster KGF franchise, said he wanted to break away from separate entertainment industries like Bollywood, Tollywood and Sandalwood.

At the India Today Conclave, when Yash was asked if he thinks Bollywood needs more than it needs today, the actor said that audiences these days just want good films – regardless of the industry they come from.

“I don’t believe in Bollywood, sandalwood, I don’t believe in these ‘woods’. Let’s burn the forests. The main thing here is that we fought for our honor and treat us like every actor is treated in this country. Just because things work for us, we can’t start doing the same for others.

“If I start treating others like, ‘We’ve broken all your stuff, today the south is progressing, Bollywood is ending,’ I don’t believe it. The main thing is to do good work. The audience doesn’t care whether it’s Bollywood, Karnataka or any other state,” he added. .

Citing examples of Kannada films like the recent hits Gandhara, Charlie 777 or last year’s Garuda Kamana Vrishapa Vahanam, Yash said these films have worked well beyond Karnataka. “If you promote it well, a famous banner, a good presentation, it will reach more people.”

Yash said that he couldn’t be prouder of the success that KGF brought him and started thinking that he was the country’s biggest star and that he was beyond Bollywood.

“I’m nobody, you have to prove yourself every Friday. Because I did KGF, I can’t think that tomorrow I am the biggest star or beyond Bollywood—no ‘wood’ at first—but if someone does great work, someone does good, then surely people will accept it across the country and the tables will turn,” he added.

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