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Six more classified documents were recovered from President Biden’s residence in the state of DelawareATN News

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Another six classified documents were found from President Joe Biden’s residence in the US state of Delaware.

According to President Joe Biden’s lawyer, these documents were found during a 12-hour search of the US president’s residence by the Department of Justice, which were seized.

Six items found are classified as sensitive material. Some of the newly seized documents date back to Biden’s tenure as senator and some as vice president.

Biden’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, said the White House offered the Justice Department a second search of the Delaware residence after the first search, which was conducted on Friday following the discovery of a new classified document.

During the search, the Justice Department had full access to the president’s home, including personal handwritten notes, files, papers, binders, memos, to-do lists, schedules and decades-old reminders.

Even earlier, sensitive documents were recovered from the US President’s residence in Delaware and his office in Washington.


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