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Shaan Shahid should continue from movies like Udhar Nahi Jaon Gee Udhar Nahi Jaon GeeATN News

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Shaan Shahid’s film Zarrar will release in cinemas across the world, including Pakistan, on November 25 (file photo).

Lahore: Pakistan Showbiz senior actor Shaan Shahid says that now we need to move on from films like Idhar Nahi Jain Gi Udhar Nahi Jain Gi.

Talking to a media representative after an event, Shaan Shahid advised the film writers and directors that they should make films on new and better themes.

Shaan said that ‘there are many subjects that Pakistani directors or writers don’t put their hands on, we don’t use science fiction and horror films, nor are scripts or films made’.

Referring to Humayun Saeed’s Punjab Nahin Jain Ji and London Nahin Jain Ji, Shan Shahid said that ‘When it comes from Idhar Nahin Jain Ji, Udhar Nahin Jain Ji, then maybe it will come to this side’.

It must be remembered that Shaan Shahid’s new film ‘Zarar’ will be released on November 25 in many theaters across the world including Pakistan, in which Shahid Shahid is playing the lead role and he is also the director of it.

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