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Saharanpur police arrested 6 accused for selling stolen vehicles. Saharanpur: 6 members of a gang selling fake number plates on stolen vehicles arrestedATN News

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6 motorcycles were recovered from the accused According to information, police officer Preeti Yadav said that the Kotwali Sadar Bazar police received information from an informant that there is a gang that steals bikes and then sells them at a good price by putting fake number plates on them. Acting on this information, the police arrested Aman son of Dharamjit resident of Nikod, Gauru son of Susin resident of Beyhat and Sagar alias Amarjit resident of Beyhat, Soro son of Dharam Singh resident of Nikod, Nishant son of Anoop Singh resident of Gugalhedi and Kumarali son of Manasthari. Ravinder Sakon Nikod has been arrested. Four Splendors, one Super Splendor and one bullet bike have been recovered from their possession.

Used to sell bikes by changing number plates. The arrested accused said that they used to steal from any public place. The stolen vehicle was then parked at a secret location for a few days. Later he used to change his number plate and sell it. Most of the vehicles were sold in rural areas. The police also recovered illegal weapons from the possession of the accused. Police say that now all the arrested accused are being interrogated. Police expect more vehicles to be recovered from their possession and the names of some new people will also emerge during interrogation.


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