Remains from Kentucky, Indiana about 40 years ago; identified

Indiana and KentuckyThe Kentucky State Police detectives are making headway in their investigation into the death of a man whose bones were found in Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana more than forty years ago.

Forty-three years have elapsed since the discovery of skeletal remains on two separate occasions by people strolling along the Ohio River. Investigators have successfully identified the people to whom these remains belong through the use of DNA testing.

A press statement stated that DNA testing was done on the remains in 2005. The results verified that the remains belonged to the same person even if they did not reveal the identity of the deceased.

The remains were found in Carrol County, Kentucky, and Switzerland County, Indiana, downstream from the Markland Dam locks, according to Kentucky State Police

The identity of the deceased and the cause of death remain a mystery to the Kentucky State Police, even after more than two decades have passed.

In 2023, the remains were delivered to Othram, a facility based in Woodlands, Texas. According to their website, Othram, which was founded in 2018, is renowned for its novel approach to resolving unsolved issues.

According to the press release, Othram used forensic-grade genome sequencing and DNA extraction to create a DNA profile for the dead person. Based on the results, the lab was able to successfully narrow down the possible identification.

When Detective Samu found a possible cousin, they voluntarily consented to meet and have their DNA compared to the remains. Testing finally proved in December that the remains did, in fact, belong to Linville.

As of right now, the reason of death remains unknown.

The last known address of Linville, according to data from the Kentucky State Police, was in Bethel, Ohio.

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