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Real vs Fake: How Do Gun Models Cause Problems?ATN News

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A terrible school lockdown in Regina last month, which led to a weapon charge against a 13-year-old girl, has sparked a conversation about how simulated weapons can be a real threat.

Police Regina was called to FW Johnson Collegiate around 9:15 a.m. CST on Sept. 23 to report someone in high school had a gun.

An airsoft rifle believed to be the one used in the incident. has been retrieved by the police and adolescents who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. He was later charged with assault with a weapon. holding and possessing weapons and use a gun while commit an offense

Regina police chief Ivan Bray said the replica weapons were a problem because they were difficult to distinguish from real ones.

These led to “very real” outcomes for both the accused and the public from the bayonet. he warned

He said parents should educate their children about the risks of using replica firearms.

“If you look at the situation in public schools last week, The consequences are very true for families. They were miserable, worried, frustrated… Learning after the fact that it was an airsoft didn’t take it all. of those feelings”

About 12 Regina police patrol boats surrounded FW Johnson Collegiate in the east end of the city on Sept. 23 after gunfire at the school. (Adam Bent/CBC)

It’s hard for police officers. which usually deal with weapons Differentiate models and guns in photographs or in extreme and dangerous situations, Bray said, adding that it is common for airsoft guns to be more readily available than real guns. in crime in Regina

Police spokesman Regina told CBC by email that about 171 of the 442 firearms seized by police in the city between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31 fall under the “Other” category, which includes to firearms such as airguns, BBs and pellet guns.

realistic appearance

They can look very real. It is based on modifications and is different from real firearms that people do not need a license to possess and possess for them, he said.

“I think of situations where airsoft guns are used to intimidate someone, of course they don’t know it’s airsoft. and there was retaliation. [in] A few days with devastating consequences,” Bray said.

Model weapons and pellet guns have sophisticated police responses in other jurisdictions as well. which sometimes leads to death

The infamous Ohio case, Tamir Rice, 12, was shot dead in Cleveland while holding a toy gun in 2014.

The coroner’s latest investigation into the Nunavut man’s death found he was carrying a toy gun when he was shot dead in 2017.

and a 27-year-old man with a shotgun was shot dead in Toronto in May this year. After reports of a man with a rifle led to the closure of several schools. According to the police surveillance report

John Meed, secretary of Regina’s Wascana Pistol Club, said he first received an airsoft gun about 20 years ago.

He agreed that airsoft guns should be treated like real guns.

Mead said it should be stored properly. May be away from airsoft pellets. and keep out of reach of children without adult supervision.

“It’s like paintball. It’s like a BB gun, they’re specific. they have a purpose if they are handled responsibly and safely They shouldn’t have any problems,” Mead said.

“If they are handled irresponsibly or insecurely, People could be charged.”

See | The Edmonton Police Department has a problem with counterfeit weapons.

Counterfeit guns are a growing problem for EPS.

Police said it was difficult to differentiate between the model and the real thing. And this similarity can lead to serious consequences.

He said some manufacturers will attach an orange tip on the muzzle to differentiate the weapon from lethal firearms.

“If you are not familiar with firearms You might mistake a gun for a real gun.”

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