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Ration can no longer be withdrawn by showing this card, more than 60 lakh cards have been cancelled ATN News

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Puber’s Pen Correspondent: More than 62 lakh ration cards have been canceled in the state. The Food Minister said in the Assembly in response to questions regarding fake ration cards. Already more than 62 lakh 24 thousand non-existent, dead and fake ration cards have been blocked. The state said that the process of canceling the card will continue continuously.

According to sources, the Food Department has come to know about one and a half crore fake ration cards. And as a result, the loss of the state government is about 1800 crores per year. The food department was shaken after informing about this huge amount of fake cards. After that it was decided to block the card. As a result, the government is saving more than 90 crore rupees every month in the food grain sector.

Food department officials feel that if all fake ration cards are blocked by next March, the savings will be more. According to them, if the decision is fully implemented, the monthly savings will increase to Tk 150 crore.

Food Department started blocking fake ration cards. According to sources in the Food Department, if the cards were not blocked, a large portion of foodgrains supplied under government subsidy would have been smuggled out. The cards are marked in red color on the departmental portal and blocked. It has also been informed that food cannot be collected from the ration shop by showing that card.

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