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Ranes run to Delhi to save the bungalow, filed a petition in the Supreme Court ATN News

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Mumbai, September 22: Bombay High Court slapped Union Minister and BJP leader Narayan Rane in the Adhish bungalow construction case and rejected the petition regarding the bungalow. So now the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has got permission to do demolition work on the bungalow. However, Narayan Rane has now approached the Supreme Court. Narayan Rane owns a bungalow named Adhish in Juhu, Mumbai. Many complaints of unauthorized construction have been filed in this bungalow. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation had issued a notice to Narayan Rane’s bungalow. Narayan Rane had filed a petition in the High Court against this notice. The High Court has disposed of Rane’s petition. This time the court gave a final decision and gave a blow to Rane. His plea to regularize the construction of Adhish Bungalow was rejected. Narayan Rane has built three times the seashore. His lawyers asked for a stay of proceedings, but he refused. A fine of 10 lakhs was imposed on them. Therefore, the municipal corporation has been given permission to demolish the illegal construction. After this order of the High Court, Narayan Rane has filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Rane has appealed the decision of the High Court in the Supreme Court. So it remains to be seen whether the Supreme Court gives relief to Rane.
What is the matter?Narayan Rane owns a bungalow named Adhish in Juhu, Mumbai. There was a complaint about unauthorized construction of this bungalow. There is a complaint that the construction of this bungalow on Tara Road is in violation of CRZ rules. On February 18, a team of the Building Proposals Department of the K West Division of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation visited Narayan Rane’s Adish bungalow and issued a notice. RTI activist Santosh Daundkar filed a complaint in this regard. Right to information activist Santosh Daundkar had already complained to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation that unauthorized construction had taken place in Narayan Rane’s bungalow. However, Santosh Daundkar alleged that no action was taken after his complaint. After that, the Mumbai Municipality issued a notice to inspect the bungalow of Narayan Rane. The notice was sent by the BMC to Union Minister Narayan Rane under Section 488 under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888. Santosh Daundkar has alleged that unauthorized construction has taken place in Narayan Rane’s Adhish bungalow in Juhu. He also complained that this bungalow was built in violation of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Coastal Regulations Zone rules. This bungalow was built within 50 meters from the sea in violation of CRZ norms.

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