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Rakhi Sawant hired detective for her boy friend ATN News

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News Daily Digital Desk: Rakhi Sawant is falling in love with boyfriend Adil Khan. This news is not new. But as the love grows, so does Rakhi’s suspicion towards her boyfriend. And so the detective pushes Rakhi to find out about the boyfriend. No, these are not rumours. Rather, Rakhi Sawant himself admitted this.

What did Rakhi say?

While giving an interview to a media, Rakhi said, “Adil’s ex-lover Roshina called her and told her that she spent the night with Adil. After hearing this, the detective is investigating whether the incident is true. However, Rakhi’s detective said that this is completely false. In Rakhi’s words, I have cheated many times. Not anymore. Now I want to start a family.”

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘রাজু শ্রীবাস্তব অমর রহে!’ কমেডিয়ানের শেষযাত্রায় অনুরাগীদের ঢল ]

On the other hand, Rakhi Sawant has decided, he is not getting married! Instead, Divya is with her new boyfriend Adil. Recently, Rakhi Sawant filed a police complaint against her ex-husband. Rakhi claims that her ex-husband Ritesh hacked Rakhi’s social media profile. Rakhi came to the police with her boyfriend Adil. Rakhi told the media there, ‘There is no need to get married. I am very good with Adil. are together Why marry unemployed!’ On the other hand, Rakhi’s ex-husband told the media, Rakhi left the relationship for not giving a car worth 90 lakhs!

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