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Rajgurunagar: Angry citizens ran on Panchayat Samiti’s encroachment, started a strong agitation by demolishing encroaching structures ATN News

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Rajgurunagar : Leading News Service : Citizens have warned all the government agencies that measures should be taken immediately on the Wada road of Rajgurunagar city otherwise the city will be shut down. The District President of Bhimshakti Association and Taluka President of Congress, Vijay Dolas expressed a very strong opinion and started a strong agitation against the encroaching construction of the village Panchayat Samiti on this road. Apart from this, on Tuesday (27th), he said that he would hold a dharna protest at the collector’s office.

Since the citizens have to face many problems due to the roads, gutters and water supply lines in the city, many people criticized the municipal council, public works and revenue department, police administration in strong words and harshly. The usual traffic jam on the Wada road in the city shocked the drivers and citizens, and two days ago, a six-month-old baby died accidentally due to the rush. Citizens of the city had gathered on Sunday (25th) to discuss and take measures against this background. At this time, many expressed angry reactions. Taking out a round of protest in the city, the attention of the administration and encroaching shopkeepers and businessmen was drawn.

Amar Tatia of Hutatma Foundation, Balasaheb Sandbhor, Ed. Subhash Hole, Sandeep Bhosale, Former Sarpanch Maruti Satkar, City Councilor Manohar Sandbhor, Rahul Adhari, Mangesh Gundal, Santosh Bhange, Nitin Said, Rajendra Sandbhor, Avinash Kahane, Balasaheb Kahane, Kailas Dudhale, Milind Shinde, Ed. Manisha Pawle, Bapusaheb Nagarkar, Mohinder Thigle, Avinash Gawde, Ed. Nilesh Andhale, Dinesh Kad, Vaibhav Ghumtkar, Anant Bhalekar, Nilofar Momin, Baban Shivale, Rajan Jambhale, Manoj Sawtadkar, Ed. Citizens and businessmen like Deepak Thigley, Jayant Ghorpade, Sunil Thigley participated in this protest.

Civil problems are increasing day by day in Rajgurunagar city. The most serious of these is the main Wada road passing through the city and the constant traffic congestion on it. Recently this road has been given the status of National Highway; However, due to illegal and unruly parking on both sides, encroachment of big buildings, roadside businesses and irresponsible drivers, this road from Pune-Nashik Road to Sangam Garden is a constant, day-long traffic jam. Citizens were angry as no concrete measures were taken on this despite repeated demands.

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