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Rajasthan will change the fate of tribals of Orissa Rajasthan will change the destiny of tribals of Orissa.ATN News

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The Orissa government had asked for suggestions. About eight months ago, the Orissa government had invited proposals from agricultural research institutes for agricultural development in tribal districts. The National Center for Research on Algebraic Species at Tabiji, Ajmer had also sent a proposal to the Orissa government for about six lakh rupees. The Center has sent a proposal to teach cultivation techniques of ten seed spices in Korapat.

These are algebraic spices. From production to market of cumin, celery, fennel, fennel, fennel, fennel, coriander, fenugreek, sava and black cumin, director of the center Dr. Shailendranath Saxena said that the team of scientists at the center has come up with the proposal. After getting the green signal, they will visit Korapat district. Crop suitability testing will be done by selecting ten half hectare fields for ten seed spices. Sowing of spices will be done after positive indication. After harvesting in four to five months, their quality will be checked. Saxena said that if three or four out of ten spices are harvested successfully, it will be considered a big success. He said that being a tribal area, there is very little scope for using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, high quality seed spices can be produced. The tribals will be trained in crop cultivation techniques as well as manufacturing and packaging of various products from the crop.

Cultivation of seeded spices yielding 10 quintals per hectare is like the proverb ‘Hung lage na alumkadi, rang aye chokha’. If the weather is favorable, a farmer can earn about Rs.1.5 lakh from one hectare in four months. Dr. Saxena says that about 40 to 50 thousand rupees are spent on sowing cumin in one hectare. One hectare yields ten quintals of cumin. A farmer can earn two lakh rupees at two hundred rupees per kg. Similarly, farmers can improve their economic condition by cultivating fenugreek and other seed spices.


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