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Rahul Gandhi’s rally did not pass through Muslim area, he was seen with caps: JournalistATN News

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Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in Gujarat at the end of 2022. Earlier, a video of journalist Moshumi Singh is going viral on social media. In this video Congress party’s soft Hindutva strategy revealed has been done.

In the video, the India Today journalist can be heard saying, “I remember once Rahul Gandhi did a road show in Gujarat and at that time Congress was trying to present itself as a ‘soft Hindutva’ party.” had been

What Moushumi Singh said next, which is ridiculous, reflects the true character of the Congress:

“His (Rahul Gandhi’s) road show was diverted, it did not go through the Muslim majority area. Because it was already decided that Rahul Gandhi’s Hindutva program is going on, in such a situation if you go through a Muslim majority area, you will see Tupi people.

On August 27 this year, during a conversation with Lalantap anchor Soura Dwivedi, Moushumi Singh had said that it is decided in advance who is to be interviewed and who is not or which journalist will be interviewed. According to him, the Congress wanted to focus on Hindutva and get rid of its Muslim appeasement identity.

According to an India Today reporter, KB Baiju, who was part of Rahul Gandhi’s security team, deliberately did not go to Muslim-majority areas. According to reports, Baiju, formerly part of the Special Protection Group (SPG), joined Rahul Gandhi’s team after becoming General Secretary.

Biju held no official position in the Congress, but his stature in the party continued to rise. Former party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had also mentioned him in his resignation. Azad had said that now Sonia Gandhi has become nominal, because Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Security Guard and Personal Assistant’ decision Take it

A visit to Rahul Gandhi and his temple

In November 2017, the Congress Party made an announcement. what That is Rahul Gandhi ‘Genius Dhari’ Hindu Huh

Screenshot of the Outlook report

Social media users questioned this claim of Congress. Then people pointed to the possible Catholic origins of the Congress descendants. A year later, Rahul Gandhi told a priest in Pushkar that he He is a ‘Kashmiri Brahmin’ and his gotra is ‘Dattatreya’. Is

Screen grab of ET’s report

Former finance minister Arun Jaitley targeted the Congress on this. He had said, “BJP has always been seen as a pro-Hindutva party and I have no complaint if anyone wants to copy us.”

Let us tell you that during the UP and Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi wanted to cultivate the Brahmin vote by calling himself a Brahmin. Despite gaining power and enjoying the equality of Brahmins and Dalits until a decade ago after independence, the Congress did not gain much in these elections.

Now Rahul Gandhi has converted from Brahmin to Lingayat after seeing Karnataka assembly elections. He is following and studying Basavana, the founder of this community, who opposed the Brahmins.

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