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Question by SPMP Shafiqur Rahman BarakATN News

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Thursday (September 22, 2022) raided several locations of the radical Islamic outfit PFI. Some officials of the organization were also arrested in this raid, after which SPMP Shafiqur Rehman Barak has now objected to it.

According to media reports, Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Shafiqur Rahman Barak has come out in favor of PFI. Burke raised questions in front of the media about the action being taken against the radical organization and made several serious allegations in the matter.

While talking to the media, Burke said that what is their (PFI) crime? It is an institution like other institutions in the country, as other institutions run their programs, PFI also runs its programs. Burke also said that this organization is fighting the problems of Muslims in the country.

Arrest of PFI people is going on.

On Thursday (September 22, 2022), the National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided the hideouts of the extremist organization in a total of 15 states in India.

NIA raided 93 locations of PFI on Thursday. Out of this 39 in Kerala, 16 in Tamil Nadu, 12 in Karnataka, 7 in Andhra Pradesh, 1 in Telangana, 2 in Uttar Pradesh, 4 in Rajasthan, 2 in Delhi, 1 in Assam, 1 in Madhya Pradesh, 4 in Maharashtra. . In West Bengal, 1 was reported killed in Goa, 1 in Bihar and 1 in Manipur.

It is being told that so far a total of 106 people have been arrested from these states. The radical organization PFI and its affiliates are accused of terrorist financing, terrorist training activities and connecting people to the organization.

According to the information received, it is also being told that the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has directed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Popular Front of India (PFI), NSA, Home Secretary, DGNIA. raised questions about the raid. Which includes a meeting with the authorities.

Delhi President Pervaiz Ahmed was arrested.

During the raid, Popular Front of India (PFI) national president OMS Salam and Delhi president of the same organization Parvez Ahmed were arrested by the National Investigation Agency. Meanwhile, PFI people came out to protest against the raid in many parts of the country. In view of this, the security of the NIA office in Delhi has also been increased.

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