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prajakta mali, once again in the place of bliss, says Prajakta Mali; Like reading fan comments! – Marathi actress Prajakta Mali is back from London shares post goes viral ATN News

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Mumbai: Actress Prajakta Mali was in London for the last fifteen days. From there, she was sharing her photos and stories. Some of her posts were also controversial. Prajakta has now returned to India after traveling to London and shared a post on social media.

Prajakta has shared a photo of Maharashtra’s comedy fair show. On it she wrote, Back to the source of happiness. Back to the happy place. Comedy show of Maharashtra is a comedy show. In this, Prajakta is constantly smiling. That is why it is natural for her to share this. However, fans have given various reactions to her post.

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A netkari is saying, tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya hai, nahi to chirago se lot ja rahi thi. So another says, wow Praju you are back to work in Maharashtra’s laughter fair team and I love you so much. Great to see you back in India. Waiting for your episode. Love you. One is saying, the audience is enjoying seeing you.

Even while leaving London, the actress shared her secret. She has written in it, no matter how angry she seemed to be, she did not write; But at the root is ‘gratitude’. Because Indian culture has taught “Vasudhaiva khutyakam.” Further, she has also written, this world is my home.

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Prajakta was sharing different posts from London. She criticized London while sharing a post saying she misses India. She had written, ‘These British ruled us for 150 years after deceiving us. How to get happiness in their land? Kohinoor has no name to give back. That anger is different, because the queen is gone, the country is in pain, she felt dead.’

She further wrote, ‘The cold here not only made me feel cold, it felt like I was chained. No matter how beautiful and clean it is, I gradually realized that there is no spirit here. These people are special in many aspects like culture, food culture, philosophy of living. While living here, its effects do not cease to fall on us.’

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