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Pooja became a Hindu and got married, after 12 years she got her son circumcised and became a Muslim, revealed her real name as Hasina Bano.ATN News

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A case of forced conversion has come to light from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. Here, Jagbir Kuri, a resident of Shahnawazpur Halkara village, is receiving threats of beheading for not accepting Islam. He complained to the Senior Superintendent of Police and the Inspector General of Police. For not taking action, he has appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for justice.

According to reports, a relative of Jagbir Kuri, a resident of Ayodhya, found a girl crying at the railway station 12 years ago. This girl had mentioned the name Pooja. After which the family got her married to Jagbir Kuri. Everything was fine for 9 years but after all these years he realized that the one he was living with as his Hindu wife was not Pooja but Haseena Bano.

This is revealed when Raju, who comes as the girl’s relative, enters Jagbir Kauri’s family. Everything was fine for a few days, but later it was found that Raju, who called himself Thakur, was not a Hindu but a Muslim. His name is Nisar.

After that suddenly the girl’s mother and father also came to Jagbir’s house and they slowly started pressurizing her to accept Islam. He also threatened to behead him for refusing to accept Islam.

According to another media report, on protesting, all the people around the Muslim wife became attackers and beat her up. He asked him to sell his land and house and give all the money to his daughter and send her with him, or his religion would behead him (Jagbir Kori). After that, all the people took valuables, bank papers etc. from him.

After his wife left the Muslim family, when Jagbir Kuri searched the box kept in the house, he found old papers in it. In these found papers, the name of his wife was not written as Pooja, but Hasina Bano’s daughter Amanatullah resident of Budhanpur, Azamgarh district was written.

According to Jagbir Kori, he has a son and a daughter. They forced his son to convert to Islam and get him circumcised. Now the family members of Pooja aka Hasina Bano are continuously harassing Jagbir Kuri about which Jagbir has complained to the police. Recently, Nisar alias Raju was arrested by the police after an encounter.

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