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Political upheaval in Punjab!!! Governor Balighur Rehman’s big announcement – ​​Daily Sama Newspaper ATN News

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LAHORE- Governor Punjab Balighur Rehman has given an indication of change again in Punjab. Governor Punjab Balighur Rehman while talking to private TV said that change can come again in Punjab at any time, a lot is going on, any slight. The movement can shake the Punjab government, there are many groups within the provincial government at the moment, there is opposition among them. Balighur Rehman said that at any time Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi can be asked to vote for the support. Take it or there may be mistrust, registering cases against anyone in the province without any reason is a very sad act, officers should act according to merit and law. The Governor of Punjab further said that the federal government will complete its term, it has taken some important decisions for the betterment of the country, which made the country stand on its own feet, the bureaucracy should be freed from politics, only for the interest of the country, according to merit and law. Focus should be on working. On the other hand, the circle against Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi started to tighten, problems are increasing day by day, preparations for no-confidence motion were also started. Talking to Farwa Waheed, the host of the program “Najam Sethi Show”, Najam Sethi has said that Parvez Elahi’s government is not stable, the big hands are beating the feet, the bureaucracy has understood that his government will not last long. That’s why their illegal orders are not being obeyed, the case of Chief Secretary is in front of everyone who has refused to work. Cases were registered against Maryam Aurangzeb and Javed Latif by putting pressure on CCPO Lahore. They are also worried, the mention of Mr. X and Mr. Y in Imran Khan’s speeches has made the PTI people start moving around. What Pervez Elahi wants to celebrate is not being accepted as bureaucracy, Pervez Elahi is worried because of this. They are saying that they are not being listened to and there is a fear of Hamza Shehbaz coming again, phone calls are coming to PTI people. Jahangir Tareen & Company are in touch with the agencies. Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Jahangir Tareen are being worked on to relieve Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, if both the tasks are successful then Parvez Elahi’s government will not be able to survive.



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