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PML-N is trying to clip NAB’s wingsATN News

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This content was originally published in 2016 and is being republished after the recent NAB Amendment Bill

Amid tension between the NAB and the PML-N government, the government has initiated a plan to set up a high-level commission to ‘oversee’ NAB activities. its respective roles. For me, this would be a huge ‘black’ deal. Pakistani people are worried about it; The proposed legislation would create different categories of citizens protected from the normal prosecution process. Taking kickbacks, embezzling public funds, breaking the law and pushing unconstitutional laws as a special concession to corporate interests has long been par for the course in Pakistani politics. But now Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, former President Zardari and other allies want to make it illegal to arrest anyone accused of a public crime.

Pakistan has unlimited human and material resources, skilled and hardworking human resources that do wonders globally and has the potential to grow like any other developed country. They don’t want to establish their own business in Pakistan. They have no stake in this country; They have no right to rule over its people. They come to Pakistan only to take away the remaining national assets and wipe the last drop of blood from the poor people. Any kind of corruption experienced by Pakistanis in this ‘democracy’ would be considered a crime against humanity. They have plunged the country into darkness, illiteracy and anarchy. They continue to transfer billions and billions of dollars overseas and even now expand their businesses beyond borders. Because of their corruption, every newborn baby in the country now owes the IMF and the World Bank huge debts. Pakistan remained underdeveloped only because of the looting and looting of its political leaders.

Former Chief NAB, Admiral (retd) Fasih Bokhari revealed in a packed press conference that according to his estimate, corruption is running at ten to twelve billion rupees a day in Pakistan. The NAB chairman clarified that his corruption assessment does not include indirect losses including ‘land grabbing, loan defaults, agriculture sector, revenue sector, and encroachments, property tax losses, overstaffing, ghost schools, ghost jobs, customs duty. and duty defects. Those involved in corrupt and corrupt practices were obviously politicians first, then bureaucrats and businessmen.

In fact, the two main pillars of good governance, transparency and accountability, are completely absent in our political culture. Governments of other countries would have fallen for such an administration, but certainly never in Pakistan. There is no pause in the looting of the ruling class, nor any change in the attitude of the common people that allows Pakistan to loot unhindered. It’s time for the people of Pakistan to throw out of power all the parties that have looted the country for decades. The more powerful you are, the more unaccountable you are in Pakistan. The government is now going to cover up its high profile mega scams and PPP mega scams through a new law based on the majority in parliament. Instead of any improvement, the situation seems to be getting worse. Resources are quickly diverted towards the rich, deepening the gap that already exists between the rich and the poor and fostering social injustice and inequality.

All is not lost if the central government learns from its past mistakes. Pakistan cannot progress without an impersonal institutional structure. Controlling corruption is vital to our national survival. Strong commitment, political will and determination to implement zero tolerance for corruption at all levels are essential. Ruthless accountability must start from the top, regardless of rank or authority. On the other hand, the government, in the name of ‘reform’, plans to approve legislation to curtail NAB’s powers and set up an elected ‘high-powered’ commission to cover up multi-billion mega-scandals hampering its ongoing investigations. Of course no company is perfect; There is always room for improvement. Instead of rolling back or revising the accountability process, it is in our national interest to further strengthen NAB to effectively eradicate the menace of corruption.

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