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Planting without treeguards is a disasterATN News

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Central Nodal Officer Praveen talking to villagers

Bangalore Space Secretary, Central Nodal Officer Praveen

Anaparthi, September 21: Bengaluru Space Secretary, Central Nodal Officer S. Praveen said that it is really surprising to see plants planted along the road without installing tree guards. He visited Koppavaram village in Anapatti constituency on Wednesday as part of the inspection of employment guarantee works. Sarpanch Kari Bulimohana Reddy inspected the plants growing under the leadership of NRGS on the main road of the village. He said that it is really surprising that in villages like Koppavaram, which is rich in cattle, the plantations are being cultivated without tea guards. He suggested that Koppavaram village should be set as an example for all other villages. Sarpanch Bulimo Hanareddy said that plants such as coconut and mango are planted to generate income for the panchayat. Dwama PD GS Ramagopal, APD Srinivas, former Sarpanch Tadi Venkataramakrishna Reddy, Tadi Sura Reddy, MPTC Potamshetty Manju Krishna Reddy, Kari Sareddy and others were present. program.

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